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Ghost Towns, Historic Architecture,
Industrial Archeology
Historic stuctures and mechanisms, industrial archeology and other fascinating goodies.
Next to nature, many of my favorite subjects are the bygone relics of man.
Frowning Dredge
Sumpter Oregon landmark, now a state park, the Sumpter Valley Dredge sits in the
pond of it's own making, where it stopped operations in 1954.  This very wide
view depicts it as a sad and frowning miner, with gold pan full of rocks, and no
gold.  Maximum print size; 36" X 60"
This is the control center of the dredge, called the winchroom.  The winch man moved the dredge back and forth across
the working face, raised and lowered the bucket line, and when needed moved the dredge forward.  The winchman was
one of the few crew members with a slight chance to stay warm in the winter, as this room is closed in.  
Maximum print size; 36" X 31"  
Gold Dredge Interior
Sumpter Valley (Oregon) Dredge, now a state park, sitting where it finished operations in
1954.  By that time it was loosing money, and it was abandoned in place.  The right side
bull gear that raised and lowered the bucketline, dominates the view.  To the left, the header
box, where the gravel, dumped from the buckets and fed into the trommel, which
separated the smaller material and gold from the cobbles and rocks.  
Maximum print size; 25" X 36"