A football quarterback enjoys practicing his long passes over 40 yards. He misses the first pass 40% of the time. When he misses on the first pass, he misses the second pass 20% of the time. What is the probability of missing two passes in a row?

Accepted Solution

Answer:Probability of missing two passes in a row is 0.08.Step-by-step explanation:Event E = A football player misses twice in a row.P(E) = ?Event X = Football player misses the first passP(X) = 0.4Event Y = Football player misses just after he first missP(Y) = 0.2Both the events are exclusive so the probability of occuring of these two events can be calculated by the formula:P(E) = P(X).P(Y)P(E) = 0.4*0.2P(E) = 0.08